All your shipments are special to us, but some require extra special handling. From artwork to jewellery and beyond, we handle your valuable cargo with absolute discretion and confidentiality and guarantee it will get to its destination safely. We work hard to offer our customers exceptionally high security standards and 24/7 security surveillance of all valuable shipments. At AirBridgeCargo, you get that extra peace of mind. Always. Worldwide.

Your benefits

  • 24/7 security monitoring from acceptance to delivery
  • Certified and experienced staff across the entire ABC network
  • Full compliance with national and international security relevant procedures and internal/external safety regulations

We also offer

  • Possibility of cargo attendants to accompany and monitor theft endangered goods on board
  • Full freighter fleet with state-of-the-art temperature control system (+4 to +29°C)

Throughout the entire journey, our cargo experts work closely together to ensure the safe and reliable handling of all valuable goods to prevent any possible damage, including mechanical shocks and adverse weather conditions. You can always count on us and we guarantee a safe and secure transport of all exclusive and theft endangered items.

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