air freight solutions for high tech industry

Aerospace, healthcare, electronics, and other cutting-edge equipment and products we use every day are results of high-technology manufacturing. Every second high-tech solutions and development bring to life the most innovative goods which upgrade the level of our lives and move our generation into further progress.


We guarantee

  • Multi-level security control
  • Control Tower 24/7 to monitor shipment movement of every special cargo
  • Dedicated services for various types of cargo

With high tech products differing in the scales of its complexity, dimensions, and importance, we classify them as


abc DG/Li  smartphones, laptops


abc XL  aircraft engines, satellites


abc pharma  medical equipment and others

Find out more:

abc DG brochure

Includes all information on transporting of lithium batteries

abc XL brochure

General information on how we deliver oversize and heavy cargo

abc pharma brochure

General information on how we deliver pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

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