Animals are more than just another shipment to us. It’s our pleasure to transport your animals, and offer them a first class flight experience while doing so. Whether we have cattle or race horses as our guests on board, we make sure they enjoy their time in the air and fly in the best possible conditions. At ABC, we truly care. Always. Worldwide.

Your benefits

  • Full compliance with IATA LAR
  • Highest priority during booking and cargo loading with shortest possible transit times
  • Live animal advisor specialists
  • Cooperation with local authorities for smooth handling processes
  • Possibility to rent special containers, including horse stalls and kennels

We also offer

  • Possibility of cargo attendants accompanying the live animals on board
  • Special handling facilities at majority of ABC GHAs
  • Freighters with three independently controlled temperature zones (+4 to +29°C)
  • In-house live animals transportation training 

We have more than 15 years of experience in the transportation of live animals and have dedicated staff trained in handling animals. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can offer our customers assistance with every step along the way. From choosing the right transportation method to import/export permits, quarantine regulations, veterinary health inspections and beyond, our staff is happy to guide and find the best solutions together with our customers. 

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General information on how we transport live animals 

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