E-commerce is an emerging sector driven by ever-increasing demand for cross-border purchases and is led by customer expectations of receiving high-quality ‘one-click’ services through online market places and platforms. We like improving your customer experience and aim to continuously develop our logistics solutions for fast, seamless, and effective delivery of shipments for this sector. Our global network coverage gives unlimited access to major e-commerce trade lanes. Always. Worldwide.

When virtual becomes reality

  • Access to major e-commerce flows through ABC global network
  • Up to 8 flights per day from the biggest e-commerce contributing hubs – Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen 
  • Special solutions for packaging of low-density cargo, with the usage of stabilizer racks or AMU containers to reach maximum volume and protection during transportation process
  • Customized solutions according to our customers’ requirements
  • Highly skilled specialists throughout ABC network with regional expertise and global market outlook

abc | mail

transportation of mail packages flown under CN-38 airwaybills and with the usage of special ULDs



abc | e-com general

transportation of e-commerce shipments with access to additional capacity and special ULDs

abc | e-com to-door

delivery of e-commerce shipments

‘airport-to-door’ for B2C sector which covers:


  • Track and trace at each stage of transportation (through API integration)
  • Preliminary check-out of each consignment for any possible limitations
  • Priority for air freight delivery
  • Import customs clearance (B2C)
  • Delivery around Russia (to-door or pick-up point)


Special packaging solutions

AirBridgeCargo pays great attention to safety of cargo and fast handling services. In doing so, our Logistic Engineering center together with leading manufacturing companies design special equipment (stabilizing racks), which can be used as an additional tool for transportation of light but volumetric

e-commerce cargo.

Stabilizing racks

  • optimization of the loading area assurance of stable and solid
    outer frame
  • stabilizing of the cargo in bulk and keeping  the pallet contour
  • maximum weight of the loaded cargo 4,5 tones, 18 m3

AMU containers

  • maximum utilization of the loading area of the lower deck of B747
  • maximum weight of the loaded cargo 4,5 tones, 15 m3

abc e-com product brochure

General information on how we deliver e-commerce shipments

 abc e-com product brochure in the Chinese language 

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