• Code of business ethics
    The Code of Business Ethics has been applied to all employees, members of our Board of Directors, consultants, contractors, and suppliers of the Company.

          Code of business ethics


  • Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery
    The Group does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption. Applicable internal standards of the Company determine the core principles aimed at prevention, detection, and suppression of corrupt practices within the Company.

          Anti-corruption policy                                                                

          Gift-giving and Hospitality policy 

"It has always been our vision to be a responsible and trustworthy player in the global air cargo industry. We are honored to present sustainable quality to the world and continue focusing on approaching our business from an angle of growth, honesty, and transparency. Together with partners and customers, we have been building a concept of continuous development as the foundation for a prosperous future."  

Our commitment to the future

As part of our long-term business and growth strategy, we recognize social, environmental, economic and financial factors. Always. Worldwide.

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Creating paths to success


We work ceaselessly to create the best possible conditions and services for our customers, partners, and employees worldwide - we want to not only make businesses prosper but also contribute to the well-being of all individuals that come into contact with ABC. As a partner, service provider and employer, we are committed to sustainable growth based on our corporate values and behavioral training programs.


Ethics and Integrity

We recognize and respect all rights and freedoms, personal dignity, and the privacy of each individual. Furthermore, we have strong anti-corruption practices in place that lead our daily operations.

Hot Line 

Volga-Dnepr Group and its Companies are known for transparency and honesty in all interactions. To offer secure and confidential ways of reporting any illegal actions, corrupt practices, discriminations or conflicts happening within the Company, we have established a special hotline.


Hotline:   +7 (495) 755-78-35    e-mail    


Protecting life quality


Being among top leaders in air freight industry, we cannot ignore the influence our industry has on the environment. One of the core values of AirBridgeCargo is to minimize the risks and guarantee high level of environmental compliance.


State-of-the-art low-emission fleet

Our modern and state-of-the-art Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 freighters not only positively affects the overall fuel efficiency of our company but also ensures compliance with highest international environmental standards. Our fleet was designed to minimize noise and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and with the latest addition of two-engine B777 we strive for less CO2 emissions and are aimed at introductions of other initiatives in this field.


Efficient fuel consumption

Our company has been giving precise attention to efficient fuel consumption and introduced several initiatives aimed at reducing harmful effects on the environment. Initiatives include a  decrease of additional fuel consumption, accuracy upon loading calculations, optimal in-flight speed, flight mode, and routing. In 2010, our company joined the European emissions trading systems for CO2, thus taking the GoGreen approach to the next level.


Digitization and the environment

We are actively embracing several business aspects within our company to improve our services and minimize negative impacts on the environment. It is our duty to make sure resources are used efficiently. That is why we have partially digitized our services and data, reducing paper consumption. Whether it is ensuring responsible fuel consumption, performing innovative recycling or loading technologies, we are always on board with new eco-friendly alternatives.

The 747-8 is externally similar to the 747-400, but it has a higher gross weight, a longer fuselage, a new higher-aspect-ratio wing, and new higher-bypass-ratio engines (see fig. 1). The 747-8 also incorporates advanced alloys, updated systems, and improved aerodynamic efficiency for better cruise, takeoff, and landing performance.
The 747-8’s new wing design and engines, and the resulting improved cruise performance, make the airplane environmentally friendly. The 747-8 reduces carbon emissions by 16 percent compared to the 747-400 and is 16 percent more fuel efficient. It also has a 30 percent smaller noise footprint and operates at 52 percent below the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP)/6 limits for nitrous oxide (see fig. 8). The 747-8’s noise reduction makes it more versatile for operators because it can operate longer at noise-sensitive airports than the 747-400.

less noise compared to
747-400 freighters
less emissions


Re-defining quality


We carefully listen to your wishes and needs to constantly optimize our services -

and offer a standard-setting level of transparency along with it.


Quality management

Consistent, safe and reliable. We use high-end, strategic planning methods to monitor the quality of our services. After all, we want to ensure we are always operating both effectively and efficiently.

Flight safety, health protection

It is our promise and responsibility to make sure we operate to the highest safety standards. We have implemented ongoing safety monitoring procedures, accident prevention systems, and a strict compliance program so each step of operation is performed without any harm caused to people or the environment. Additionally, every individual on our global team is educated on industry regulations and acts in accordance with the laws and policies of the Company.


Data protection

Your trust means the world to us which is why we keep your data safe. Our Company recognizes the importance of your privacy, therefore we are committed to being transparent about the technologies we use.

Read more about our

data protection policies


We put people first


With more than 1,300 employees worldwide, both professional and personal well-being is essential to us. We, at ABC, value our employees and understand that they are our main asset. We embrace health management, positive work environments, a healthy work-life-balance, safety, equality, and professional advancement.


Health management and work-life-balance

We promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees, creating favorable working conditions for an optimal work-life balance.


Diversity and equal opportunities

As an international company, we value diversity so that we can provide our customers with wholesome, innovative solutions. Our global team brings together local market knowledge and expertise with a global business understanding of how to consistently deliver value to customers. We strive to create equal opportunities for all employees, respecting rights and obligations.


Occupational Safety

We create safe working conditions for our employees, guaranteeing comfort and a secure work environment. When it comes to safety, we don’t believe in compromises.


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