AirBridgeCargo is always striving to cater to the needs of its customers worldwide with the aim to find effective and suitable
logistics solutions for various industries. With more than 14 years of experience, specific knowledge, and
certified staff AirBridgeCargo is capable of delivering your cargoes with due diligence and care.


We offer customized air cargo transportation services for different industries:


Healthcare    Aerospace    Automotive    Oil & Gas    


Heavy Machinery    Fashion & Apparel    E-commerce    High Tech   

AirBridgeCargo has been developing its cold chain solutions to achieve happier and healthier lives of the people around the globe. From vaccines, medicines, pills up to special medical equipment we are your reliable partners when it comes to transportation of pharmaceutical products.

We also offer:

  • Dedicated abc pharma services for pharmaceutical products with passive and active solutions

  • Special abc DG and abc Valuable products for medicine-related items which might fall under
    the respective product category

  • Skilled and certified personnel across the entire ABC network

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Being an air cargo operator ourselves we know too well when it comes to transportation of aerospace equipment, be it classified as abc XL, abc fresh, or other dedicated product among ABC services. Together with Volga-Dnepr Group, AirBridgeCargo has launched AOG service to guarantee much-needed support and air logistics solutions for other airlines facing technical problems in order to minimize ground time and put aircraft back into operations.

We also offer:

  • Commercial aviation aircraft engines in compliance with OEM handling guidelines

  • Vast experience in the transportation of satellite systems

  • Transportation of small aircraft, fuselages, stabilizers, ailerons, etc.

  • Express delivery of spare parts through our AOG service




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Fast track for cars, motorcycles, vehicles – we transport all kinds of automobiles and find solutions even in cases when their dimensions exceed standard pallet contours. We make sure that all the vehicles are properly packaged, lashed, stacked to guarantee they arrive at their final point of destination intact and ready to be operated.

We also offer:

  • Both palletized and RO/RO (roll on, roll off) solutions

  • Standard operating procedures for all types of cars including prototype cars, motorcycles, racing cars, and hybrid vehicles

  • Transportation of hybrid vehicles (with lithium batteries) and race cars




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With the development of oil and gas industrial project in different regions of the world, customers are searching for expert and specialist air logistics solution to transport their project shipments on site. This when ABC team of professionals steps in with fast, seamless, and quality solutions.

We also offer:

  • Carriage of pipes, generators, pumps and other extra-large and heavy drilling offshore equipment
  • Dedicated charter services or re-routing in case of rig down situations
  • Main-deck capacity throughout ABC international network

Some industries might be more complex in the way of their organization. Heavy industry involves large and heavy products, equipment, and facilities, which sometimes need to be transported to other sites of factories. In most cases, they are classified at complex project shipment and require enough time, expertise, experience, and capable fleet to organize air transport deliver.

We also offer:

  • Logistics solutions for industrial equipment – big vehicles, heavy-machinery equipment, industrial spare parts, pipes, tractors, agricultural equipment 

  • Dedicated abc XL services for oversized and super heavy shipments

  • Access to the fleet of Volga-Dnepr Group which consists of unique ramp An-124-100 and
    Il-76TD-90VD for various logistics solutions





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Fashion has become one of the most dynamic and fast industries in the world. With the number of season collections increasing every year, speed and timely delivery have become as important as never before. AirBridgeCargo follows its customers at the heart of manufacturing premises up to the shopping shelves guaranteeing seamless delivery of high quality.

We also offer:

  • Multi-level security control

  • Developed procedures increasing the safety of the cargo

  • International network linking major point of manufacturing with largest consumption areas

  • Online track and trace to monitor your cargo status 24/7

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