Get to know AirBridgeCargo and the air cargo industry even better: in this section we share interesting articles that publications have written about AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

Air Cargo Week, October 2018 issue | "ABC drives double-digit growth in Moscow" by James Muir


AirBridgeCargo (ABC) Airlines will continue to develop Moscow as a gateway with airport partners, having helped increase volumes at Sheremetyevo International Airport by 20 percent.


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Airfreight Logistics, September 2018 issue | "How to Safely Transport Aquatic Animals" by Dusida Worrachaddejchai


The handling and transportation of general cargo is a routine process for most forwarders and airlines. It's their "bread and butter" shipments, and with well-established rules and safety standards in place, moving this type of cargo can be done by just about any reputable freight forwarder and airline. Land animals already have a host of issues to contend with when delivering them by air, but the difficulty is amplified even further when delivering aquatic animals. These animals offer unique challenges as they are shipped in containers (tanks) with water, which needs to stay clear, fresh, and uncontaminated, and is not to be spilled during handling procedures.


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STAT Trade Times magazine, September 2018 issue | "Caution! Dangerous goods on board"

by Surya Kannoth


Rejected shipments on the grounds of mislabeled or misdeclared items can cause more pain to a supply chain than anything else – especially at a time when your business needs to deliver sensitive items such as industrial chemicals or blood samples. Such items, classified under one of the nine categories declared as Dangerous Goods, are subject to more stringent customs and regulatory requirements than any other type of shipment.


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Freight Business Journal, June 2018 issue | 'Winged creatures transporting animals by air'

As the old actor’s saying has it:‘Never work with children or animals’. But there are many in the freight industry who seem to positively thrive on doing something out of the ordinary. The ABC of animal transport.


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AVIATION WEEK, July 15th 2018 | 'AirBridgeCargo Showcases Air Freight’s Digital Future'

by Tamir Eshel


Robert van de Veg speaks about ABC Control Tower and other digital cargo capabilities in detail.


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Air Cargo Week newspaper, issue of June, 25th 2018 | 'La dolce vita as cargo grows in Italy' 

by Stuart Flitton


Article about ABC development and achievements at air cargo market in Italy.


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European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, June 2018 | "Come fly with me — we talk with AirBridgeCargo about logistics in pharma"


Sergey Lazarev, ABC General Director talks about logistics in the pharma market, what it means to be an IATA CEIV Pharma-certified company and the future of pharma transportation.


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Freighters World magazine, December 2017 issue | "Asia air cargo
in high gear" by Donald Urquhart


An overview of 2017 peak season out of Asia 


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Air Cargo Week, March 2017 issue | "ABC targets pharma traffic growth while charters up"


ABC is building infrastructure as it aims to become a major player in pharmaceutical



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Boss Magazine, November 2016 issue | "Power Lifters: Rising Above the Rest"
by A.F. Hutchinson


Article about AirBridgeCargo's development and growth in the United States, and what makes the cargo airline unique in the air cargo industry. 


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